Services and Supplies Ltd

Quality management

Ark IT Services & Supplies Ltd is committed to providing high quality products & services, effective project management and outstanding customer service.

Health, safety and security

Ark IT Services & Supplies Ltd recognise the importance of health, safety and security - both during the project and afterwards.

Ark IT Services & Supplies Ltd has employer's liability of £5,000,000 and public liability insurance of £5,000,000 a copy of our Insurance policy can be provided on request.


We Ark IT Services & Supplies Ltd recognise the contribution our employees make to the success of what we do. We are committed to offering our employees fair terms and conditions, ensuring they have the skills and qualifications they need, and providing opportunities for training and development.

Ark IT Services & Supplies Ltd is an equal opportunities employer.


Ark IT Services & Supplies Ltd understands the importance of sustainability - in design, delivery and in continuing operation. For example, this is reflected in how we:  

  • Work with the local community where appropriate
  • Source energy-efficient equipment 


Ark-IT Services & Supplies Ltd would be happy to provide customer references if required. 

Our Current Client Base

Our current client base is varied from large national retailers to small sole trader enterprises; we have clients in the following industries

·         Retail (Face to Face & Ecommerce)

·         Automotive Technology

·         Construction

·         Accountancy

·         Logistics

·         B2B Trade Wholesale

·         Leisure ( Fitness Clubs )

·         Health Care

·         Aerial Photography



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